About us

About our school

Our school of foreign languages ​​conducts classes exclusively online via Skype. The training program is made individually for each student, depending on the chosen course.
Our main principle - during the lesson the student is the one who talks (at least 70% of the time)
How to start?
Whatever course you choose, a free 20-minute trial lesson is required.
After that, our manager will contact you and agree with you on the convenient timing of the trial session. 
You can also contact us by email or by Skype.
This will make your individual Skype lessons as comfortable and effective as possible.
You can leave your wishes about the format of the lessons and the teacher in the application and we'll select your teacher according to the requirements.

1. If you have already decided on the teacher, then we will assign you with him. In case the trial session went not as smoothly, we will definitely pick another teacher for you.
2. After the test session, an individual schedule and a training program are drawn up.
3. When creating the program, we take into account what you want to achieve by learning the language, and your wishes in terms of materials used and the format of the lesson. 


Schedule and duration of lessons

The schedule of lessons is coordinated between the teacher and the student (students of the group) individually for each student (group)
Features of learning by Skype:
1. Classes can be conducted individually or in groups;
2. At the beginning of the lesson, the teacher calls the student via Skype or arranges a Skype conference with the group;
3. During the lesson, there's always active communication;
4. Make sure you have headphones and a microphone before the lesson;
5. Presence of webcam at will, but recommended for better efficiency;
6. If you have questions about the material outside the class, you can contact the teacher by e-mail and he will be happy to answer your question;
7. Before the lesson, the teacher sends the student materials in electronic form through a folder on the cloud. Thanks to this you will have access to it from any point, always and from any device.

How to pay?

Cancelling and postponements:
Individual classes can be postponed if the student has warned the teacher not less than 1 hour before the beginning by Email or Skype. If the student has not informed the teacher 1 hour before the beginning of the lesson, the lesson cannot be postponed and the student will have to pay the standard price for the lesson.
In the case of group lessons cancellation and postponements, the teacher and all the students in the group must come up to a mutual agreement.
In the case if the student does not show up in the lesson, the teacher will try to contact him within 15 minutes after the beginning of the lesson. If he or she can not get hold of the student, the lesson is considered to be missed due to the fault of the student, is not postponed and the penalty is paid at the rate of the standard cost of the lesson.
Certificate of completion:
To obtain a certificate you need:
1. Complete the full level according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
2. To confirm the level, the student must pass the test in the the format oral speech + listening + reading + writing. The test is submitted in real time with the web camera turned on in the presence of the teacher of the language school LinguaCloud. The student passes the exam with a different teacher to the one he was studying with. The exam is payed at the rate of a regular lesson, for as many hours as required for passing the test.
3. The test is successfully passed if the student has correctly completed 70% or more tasks.