Nat B.
I am a product of NYC and the “model school system in America” according to Life Magazine.

What makes me a better than average teacher?
  •  English-Spanish bilingual (Spain 10 years)
  •  +7 yrs. teaching severe cases of autism | 3 yrs. online university instruction
  •  Know-how to build bridges between:  What you know and how to use your knowledge!
  •  I prompt & coach you! → building success & encouragement
  • I am your personal trainer!
  •  With time, feelings like you sail in the abyss of language uncertainty...
… will go bye-bye!

What my classes look like?
  • We dive in!
  • I use positive behavior support
  • You might find we have fun but you know... “I have a scholarly teacher!”
  • Your goal is my goal!
  • Shapes in Language & Lamp; Language Shapes Us
  • I help each student find tricks to feel the English language as something close!
  • English may seem like algebra gone-mad... but, it is not!
  • We will exercise your mind to listen and speak | write & think
  • English has patterns → waiting for us to crack the code... together!

What you can expect?
  • A former CTO I understand the ecology of offshore projects:
  • IT Dev
  • Client Satisfaction (scheduling bottlenecks or other delivery issues)
  • Multi-Disciplinary Collaborations (multiple stakeholders)
  • Marketing Strategies (business communication & documentation)
  • Intellectual Property Management (strategic documentation)


- B.S. Liberal Studies, with a Minor in English (Rhetoric)
◦ Applied Linguistics (20 cr.), Psychology (16 cr.), etc.
◦ McNair Post-Baccalaureate Scholar (Award)
- M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies in Cognitive Science & Special Education (Autism)
◦ Methods Thesis: on movement disorders on neurobiological grounds for the Autism diagnosis
- Guest Editor for a special
issuefor a neuroscience journal